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GreyMetrics is an easy to use tool to automate your Email Marketing reports quickly without any coding effort.

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Custom Reporting Features

Custom Social Media reports from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn. All your favourite social media metric on beautiful pre-defined report templates. Get a holistic view of your brand’s social media performance on a beautiful report. Track reach, likes, shares, engagement, clicks and many more metrics from your favourite social media channels.
Social Media Advertising Reporting Tool
Engagement Metrics
Measure all the engagements of customers with your brand across all social platforms.
Social Media Advertising Reporting Tool
Social Reach
Sum your reach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. to get actual reach of your brand.
Social Media Advertising Reporting Tool
Social Revenue
Track revenue from social influence and identify top revenue generating sources.

Multichannel Reports

We bring data in from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Youtube to give an integrated view of social media performance. Our multichannel reports ingest data from all social media channels and display the metrics you care about
  • Organic Reach
  • Ad Revenue & Engagement
  • Individual Channel Reports
Social Media Advertising Reporting Tool
Social Media Advertising Reporting Tool

Create Custom Social Media Report

Create a brand new social media report or use our pre-defined template to report on your client's social media channels. A comprehensive report covering clicks, tweets, impressions, link clicks, likes, engagement, engagement % and hundreds of metrics to choose from. Build your custom social media report in a few clicks & help your client stay in the loop.
  • Custom Social Media Reports
  • Track Key KPI's
  • Save your time on Reporting