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Custom Reporting Features

Calls & SMS reports from your Twilio account to track number of calls received, calls made, SMS sent, SMS received & more. View metrics of your cloud telephony centre in a beautiful pre-defined eport template and get a full view of your brand's communication data on a beautiful report.

Call status report

Closely monitor the open rates & other email marketing trends.

Avg. call durations

Is your average time on call increasing or decreasing? Get a clear view.

Call volume by Region

Pinpoint areas that have highest call volumes & identify call trends

Call Volume Reports

Tracking Key trends such as regional volumes of calls, volume trend changes during various times in a day, identifying peak volume times & more. Be on top of your calls and delight your client with neat and concise reports.

  • Call Volume by Region
  • Calls by Time of Day
  • Total Number of SMS’s

Custom Twilio Report

Create a brand new inbound & outbound calls report with Twilio data or use our pre-defined template to report on your client's call performance. A comprehensive report covering all aspects of calls, SMS's to keep your clients always informed.

  • Custom Call Reports
  • Track Key Metrics
  • Save your time on Reporting

Call Tracking Reports

We pull your data from Twilio account to give a general overview of performance of inbound, outbound calls & SMS’s. Track metrics that matter and be in full control of your customer support.

  • Number of Inbound calls
  • Total Time Spent on calls
  • Number of Outbound calls

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