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14 Marketing Agency Directories Your Agency Should Be On

Just like nobody has 36 hours in a day and a limitation to everything, being an agency business, you cannot handle everything in-house

The core of your agency is the growth of your clients & your growth in the future

Agency business can go real crazy pretty soon with changing demands from clients. Be it delivering value to your clients or looking for more clients,an agency directory kind of comes to your rescue for some of the tasks for your company.

If you’re not already familiar, an agency directory is a website that allows the prospective clients to look for marketing agencies and on the other hand, allows

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It has almost 3000 agencies associated with it & guess what – the website ranks for a lot of keywords around agency searches. Go for it. 


2) Google Partner Directory

Google works with a large number of businesses and organizations, are refer to them as “partners”

This partner program is basically designed to highlight the companies that do an extraordinary work with Google Adwords, Youtube, Analytics and many other platforms that are a part of Google’s network.

After you join the program, your website can place “Google Partner badge” & Google also adds your brand to it’s directory – Clients can view this to verify your credentials. Social proof taken care 🙂


3) AdForum

AdForum provides information on the advertising industry to the marketers and other industry professionals.

It has created its own database constituting Advertising profiles and Ads and offers the access to the profiles of over 25,000 agencies.

Here, the companies can have a sorted and filtered search on the  basis of types of service, potential audience, etc.


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4) 4 A’s

4 A’s in marketing stands for Acceptability, Accessibility Affordability and Awareness.

4 A’s as an agency is an advocacy centre and content hub for the advertising companies along with it being a marketing agency directory.

Along with their Ad agency listings, it also provides training opportunities in the same genre.


5) Rnked

Rnked has termed and tagged itself as a marketing broker service, wherein it takes up the task of searching for the right agency to the right clients.

It makes the chore of browsing through the massive marketing directories easy for its clients.


6) MailChimp Experts Directory

This directory focusses extensively on expertise with MailChimp software (Used by millions of brands).

Brands can look for the services they need, be it anything from email strategies to copywriting or any other.


7) Agency Spotter

Agency spotter, just like any other major agency directory offers a detailed filtering capability to allow the brands to find that exact right fit for their project.

Here, the brands that are looking for a web design agency directory can choose from over 14,000 agencies across the entire plethora of digital, marketing or design agencies.


8) HubSpot Partner Directory

HubSpot Partner Directory is a complete software package for marketing agencies that further offer an impressive marketing agency directory.

It allows its clients to discover agencies on the basis of geography, budget, languages, certifications, etc.


9) Creative Ham

This marketing agency directory has its niche towards those companies that prioritize creativity in their workflow.

If you agency focusses on creative work, share the creative work that is worth highlighting & your agency could be a part of this directory


10) Facebook Agency Directory

This is a great list be on for clients who have a great inclination & find great value with Facebook advertising.

It promises to be a great value resource for such clients.  The entry barriers are quiet steep & if you can make it to the list, your agency can list a badge of FB Marketing Partner on your website.


11) Shopify Experts Directory

Wish to expand your Shopify portfolio? Get to its right pages of the directory.

This directory comes in with a pre-condition. It is open for those companies who have launched at least five stores. It does a great job of connecting the prospective clients to marketers, developers, photographers, designers and many others.


12) DAN

DAN stands for Digital Agency Provider that along with its diverse list of Ad agencies, also provides news, blog articles, editorials etc. DAN covers almost all the types of digital marketing, from mobile advertisements to SEOs to branding.

It is not that big in terms of its scale, but still has a good audible number of visitors each month.


13) TopSEOs

Since its very introduction to the market, it has been looked up as an independent authority on vendors who supply internet marketing products and services.

It evaluates and lists the SEO, PPC, and social media experts and ranks them in order to provide the best companies for small businesses, major enterprises and other eminent parts of the industry.

The evaluation method to access these companies is pretty tough in itself as a research team sits together to assess the key strengths, weaknesses, advantages and the upcoming opportunities of each of the marketing agencies.


14) CityLocal101

CityLocal 101 is a local business directory that effectively meets the demands of both local business owners and local consumers. 

The platform offers assistance to businesses in managing and enhancing their online presence through company listings.


No matter what your agency’s situation is right now, the fact that the main focus remains on acquiring new clients means that directories is a good strategy.

It can actually become stressful to stay consistent and afloat in the digital marketing agency space.

So, it’s time that you take some pressure off your team and have a system that makes sure prospective clients always have their eyes on your company even when you don’t have time to look for them. 

The deal is to just get your company listed in the right marketing agency directory that not only would help you save your time but would also help you reduce that unnecessary stress you and your team have to go through looking for leads.

Which directory did you list your agency on?

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