Grey Metrics

Custom Reporting Features

Facebook page insights reports and performance data in a beautiful reporting dashboard. Professional, predefined report templates to make your reporting faster & more insightful.

Top performing keywords

Closely monitor the open rates & other email marketing trends.

Average cost per click (CPC)

Is your average time on call increasing or decreasing? Get a clear view

Remarketing performance

Pinpoint areas that have highest call volumes & identify call trends.

Track Your Conversions

Track conversions, cost per conversion
& overall revenue from Google ads report. Identify the keywords bringing in revenue
and optimise your ads. Keep a tab on cost
per conversion and optimize your conversion rate.

Identify Top Performing Ads

Quickly highlight Ads that are performing etter than the rest. Track Ad impressions (CPM) , Total clicks, Cost per click (CPC)
to put a finger on the best ads on your Google Ads portfolio.

Share Easy to Understand Report.
Share easy to understand Google Ads
report with your client. Track conversions, revenue, ad clicks, impressions, top
keywords, identify which age group, gender, geographic area is responding better to your ads. Build your custom Google Ads report
in a few clicks & help your client stay
in the loop.
All Your Marketing Data on One Report
Marketing data from 20+ integrations.
Drag & Drop data widgets to create
perfect reports
Manage Client Reports & Control Access Levels.
Add team members & control access levels. Manage multiple clients & reports with ease