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Advanced Dashboards

Ecommerce Full Dashboard

Easy to Understand Performance for Your Full Ecom

Marketing Performance


Full Digital Marketing Dashboard

Simplified, Wider Reaching Web Presence Analysis

Facebook Brand Awareness Dashboard

A Broad Overview of Your Facebook Page Visibility

Facebook Analytics Dashboard

See a Full Overview of Your Facebook Performance

YouTube & Instagram Dashboard

Monitor Your Creative Media Presence

Youtube & Facebook Dashboard

Get Informative Video and Facebook Metrics.

Facebook & Twitter Dashboard


Google Analytics and Search Dashboard


Google Analytics and Mailchimp Dashboard

Mail Performance Made Easy

Google Ads and Google Analytics Performance Dashboard

Get A Combined Web & Ads Performance Overview with
Key Google  Services

YouTube Brand Awareness Dashboard

Powerful Combined Youtube and Website Performance

Facebook and Instagram Dashboard


Meta Ads Dashboard

Streamlined Insights into Your Meta Ads

Social Media Analytics Dashboard

A Simple Overview of Your Social Media Performance

GreyMetrics Copy for Dashboard and Report Predefined Templates

Easy to Access Google and Facebook Combined Insights

Social Performance Dashboard


Social Media Advertising Dashboard


Simple Dashboards

Facebook Dashboard

Understand How Your Facebook Page is Performing

Meta Ads

Streamlined  insights into Your Meta Ads

Instagram Profiles

Monitor the Performance of Instagram Profiles

Google Analytics

All the Power of Google Analytics in One Dashboard

Google Search Console

Get a Clear Overview of Your Google Search Console Presence

Google Ads

Easy to Understand, Clear Performance Overview for Your Google Ads Performance

Linkedin Ads Dashboard

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Twitter Dashboard

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Google Business Profile

Get Simple, Local insights From Your Google Business

HubSpot Dashboard

Comming Soon

WooCommerce Dashboard

View Woocommerce metrics such as sales & AOV and keep track of top selling products

Microsoft Ads Dashboard

Connect Microsoft Ads accounts and see KPIs by campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, and more.

Moosend Dashboard

Comming Soon

ActiveCampaign Dashboard

Comming Soon 

Quora Ads Dashboard

Simplified Analysis for Quora Ads with a Pre-Configured Dashboard

Google Sheets Dashboard

Comming Soon

Bitly Dashboard

Comming Soon