Grey Metrics

Features Designed For You

We automate your reporting from 20+ different sources such as Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, Mailchimp, Twilio & many more
to help your agency tide over the reporting.
25+ Report Templates
Drag & Drop Widgets
Add Custom Metrics

Schedule Reports

Live Dashboards

20+ integrations
Your Data.
Your Way.
One click connect to your social & ad accounts. Easy to generate
reports, mash-up data & share with clients
150 +
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2 x
Example copy Fewer hours spent on data preparation
25 +
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150 +
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1 Reports

Marketing reports from 20+ marketing
such as Facebook, Google
Ads, Analytics, Instagram, Twitter,
Mailchimp, LinkedIn & more on one
meaningful report.

Enable your marketing team to garner key insights, track KPI’s,
view analytics & measure ad performance with ease. Not to
mention share with clients to wow and impress them.

2 Dashboards

Meaning to Marketing data with compact
& clean dashboards. Designed to add
key KPI’s while making it insightful as
well as pretty.

Client dashboards that can be easily customized to fit
the needs of every client. Simple, intuitive & easy to use.
No coding knowledge needed to build a custom
3 Standard Templates
Report Templates (Multi-page): 15+ report
templates created by marketing experts
to help kickstart your client reporting
Dashboard Templates: 20+ dashboard templates to make
your marketing analytics simple, straightforward & easy to

Live Marketing

Multilingual reports in GreyMetrics Create Reports / Dashboards
in 9 different languages
Test GreyMetrics For Free. 15 days trial.
No limits. No catch.
Multilingual reports in
Create Reports /
Dashboards in 9

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15 days trial.
No limits.
No catch.

4 Drag & Drop builder

150+ marketing data widgets to add to
your report/dashboard. Select all widgets
you want to report on and add them

Drag & Drop builder to add, move & create the perfect
client report. Dashboard widgets have additional
functionality of resize and position adjust

5 Custom reports & dashboards

Create your own report or dashboard by
adding widgets.
Drag, drop, move &
rename report to make it your own.

Add agency branding to make it your own or even better host
it on your URL. (talk to us)

6 Save designs as templates

Create your own report or dashboard &
save them as templates.
The templates
are available in your account for re-use.

Reuse saved template to any client & maintain a single
standard on your reporting

Still Not Convinced?
Schedule a one on one with our reporting specialists or watch our
support videos to
get a first hand understanding.
7 Download PDF
Download reports/dashboards as a
high resolution PDF with all the KPI’s you
8 Add your team

Add your team members and control
which clients & what your team can see

Assign team members to clients to manage your
9 Schedule Reports
You can automate reporting process
by scheduling reports
Schedule a report to run itself daily, weekly, or monthly and
email the report automatically to the clients, so that you
don’t have to remember to log in and do it yourself.