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Facebook Page Insights On A Presentable Report

Facebook page insights reports and performance data in a beautiful reporting dashboard. Professional, predefined report templates to make your reporting faster & more insightful.

Report Templates
Start reporting right away with
predefined report templates approved
by experts
Track Key KPI’s
Clicks, Page Likes, Post Reach & more
data points. All important KPI’s tracked
& reported

Drag & Drop Customise

Customise your report with simple drag
& drop. No coding knowledge needed

FB Page Insights Data on Clean Report

Insightful FB page report specifically
designed to present a bird’s eye view of
key page metrics

Report Social Reach & Measure Metrics

Share valuable insights on the most
important aspects of your client’s
business. Share report instantly

Use Standard Facebook Report Template.

Start reporting with standard client report templates created by expert marketers.
Built for reusability

Customise with Simple Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop other social & PPC data with
Facebook to create your own report.
Zero coding knowledge needed

Fully Automate Client Reporting

Schedule reports Monthly, weekly or
fortnightly & avoid duplicate work. Report
with standardtemplates or create your own