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43 Free Tools Every Startup Should Use In 2020

As a start-up, you are running thin on budgets. You don’t want to spend a lot of money but want to get started with the best tools out there.

This post is a compilation of free tools that are useful for a start-up. 

Software tools mentioned on this blog have a generous free tier (that most start-ups won’t go over) & some free forever tools. 

Table Of Contents

1) To Build A Website

These are drag & drop tools that can used by non-technical folks.

2) Social Media Designs

Creating graphics is a must if you are on social media.

These tools have a simple interface to create designs in minutes without any prior design experience. 

The fact that these tools provide templates makes it easy to create 

3) Web Analytics

Most parts are measurable in the online world.

Instead of creating an analytics tool for your website, use these free tools that can tell you the number of visitors, device usage, returning users, most visited pages, country, city & a whole lot more.

4) User Behavior Tracking

What do your users do on your website?

Session recordings to analyze how your users interact with your site & heatmaps to understand the most popular and the least popular spots on your website

5) CRM & Lead Management

Customer Relationship Management software that can collect information from chat, forms, external sources, meeting bookings etc & maintain it in a simple to use way to run your business

6) Live Chat Software

Frinctionless way of interacting with customers – real time communication. 

These tools allow you to interact with your customers & maintain chat history for a specified time. Simple to install & easy to use for your teams.

7) Project Management Tools

Best way to keep track of project goals & progress.

Simple to use tools that allow mangerial as well as self control on tasks

8) Company Email

Manage your company email ID for free

9) Team Communication

Team communication for remote, cross-border, small & large teams

These tools have re-defined 1 on 1 & group communications with a radically different approach

10) Ecommerce Store

Plug & play online store for your business. It’s that simple with these tools. 

These tools are used by millions around the world

11) Customer Surveys

Surveys to understand your customer sentiment or may collect a feedback?

No need for a developer. Create a survey and share with your audience to get started.

12) Spy On Competition

Simple legal ways to understand how your competition is faring on the internet.

Understand sources of their traffic & uncover marketing strategies of your competition.

13) Improve Search Rank

Ranking well for important keywords is valuable for your brand. 

These tools help you visualize common mistakes & can bring in the much needed traffic boost without paying for ads

14) Email Marketing

Everyone understands this.

Send emails, reminders & keep your customers updated with emails.

15) Video Conferencing

1 on 1 video calls or group discussion with teams, video conferencing is an in-seperable part of our routine

Simple tools that make life simpler.

16) Website Security

Simple security measures are often ignored by start-ups. 

Having software do this will reduce the risk by a bit. Invest in a paid plan if you are growing & your security needs have increased.

17) Internal Note Keeping

For jotting down that aha moments. Everything in your mind on this tools.

Simple to organize + super easy to share & collobarate.

18) Schedule Meetings

Can you send me your calendar link? 

If you’ve heard this before, then you need these tools to allow customers to schedule a time with you without an overlap

19) Generate Invoices

Generate professional invoices & get paid.

20) Automate Routine Tasks

When i get a new lead, i manually copy & paste on a Google Sheet.

Time to get rid of any such tasks. Let’s automate.

21) Social Media Scheduling 

With an ever-growing number of social media channels & content to post, make life easy by posting it only once.

Let the software do the rest & post to all platforms.

22) Manage Marketing Data

Call this a shameless plug – We sincerely recommend trying out GreyMetrics if you are having trouble managing marketing data from multiple tabs.  


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