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15 Best Digital Marketing Agency Tools

Finding the right digital marketing agency tools can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be tough to know which ones are the best for your business. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll share our list of the 15 best digital marketing agency tools.

So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business for a while, these tools will help you take your marketing efforts to the next level. Enjoy!

1. Active Campaign

Help your clients drive growth with customer experience automation. ActiveCampaign’s email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools enable your clients to create incredible customer experiences.

It provides a cloud-based solution to marketing and sales automation and includes features to create email marketing campaigns, web analytics, lead scoring, and customer relationship management. The platform gives users access to detailed behavior tracking and marketing segmentation options to create the most customized campaigns for every audience. 

Active Campaign is an affordable and robust email marketing tool. The value the tool provides, the features, the support, and the consistent updates to the tool make it a perfect choice for virtually any business that is doing email marketing and automation. 

2. Analytic Call Tracking

Analytic Call Tracking is an analytics software designed to help businesses and agencies manage inbound and outbound calls on a centralized dashboard. Organizations can track data for each client on an individual dashboard, set up multiple blacklists, record calls, and generate reports in real-time.

Features of Analytic Call Tracking include caller history, email alerts, multiple company accounts, autodialer, automated billing, caller ID data, statistics, and more. It provides IVR and voicemail modules, which allow businesses to address customer queries via dial or voice prompts and capture voicemails during non-business hours. Agents can add the software as a chrome extension or utilize it as a browser softphone for outbound calls.

Businesses can also embed Analytic Call Tracking into WordPress websites, allowing customers to prompt calls using click-to-call functionality. The application also allows agencies to filter calls according to requirements, set up phone numbers to receive calls, restrict user access and permissions, classify calls by codes, and more.

3. InVideo

InVideo is an online video editor that helps you create professional-looking videos in minutes. You can start from scratch or use one of the ready-made templates to get started quickly. InVideo is one of the best free online video editing websites as it is very intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. You can add your own photos and videos, or use the built-in library of stock footage. InVideo also offers a wide range of tools for customizing your videos, including adding text, transitions, voiceovers, special effects, and much more. Once you’re done, you can export your video in HD quality or share it directly on social media.

Whether you’re looking to create a product demo, an educational video, or simply want to document a special event, InVideo is the perfect solution.

4. Grey Metrics

GreyMetrics is a Marketing Reports & Dashboards Software for Digital Agencies. It offers multi-client and multi-channel reporting options with a unified view on a single report for Google Ads, Facebook, Analytics, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels.

It offers multi-client management and multi-channel marketing, marketers’ reporting solutions, dashboards enabling clever marketers to monitor marketing data in real-time across several media, and channel integrations, including social advertising, search advertising, email marketing, and others.

Its features include automated client report generation and delivery, multi-client management, smart reporting that automates duplicate client reporting activities, data-rich dashboards, scheduled reporting, a stable IT architecture, and more.

5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time-tracking program that enables you to keep an eye on employee activity while they are at work.

Through its desktop app, Hubstaff enables your employees to track their time. When they want to record their time, employees can select.

The tool keeps track of the websites and programs your team uses, their screen activity, and the amount of time employees spend at their desktops once it is running. It then compiles all of this information and generates unique reports for each of your employees. Each member of your team can keep track of the time they invested in a specific activity or project.

Hubstaff calculates the total project time by combining the time that each employee has recorded.

It also enables you to bill your clients in accordance with the number of hours worked and immediately generates an invoice using this data.

6. Krisp

Have you ever been on a zoom meeting with a client and suddenly a fire truck or an ambulance drives by and it creates that short awkward moment that ruins the meeting recording? Or maybe you’re recording a video and then suddenly your dog barks and you have to start over?

Well, Krisp is here to help with these problems.

Krisp is a noise cancellation desktop application. It makes your online calls noiseless thus helping you become a better communicator. It removes the noise coming to you from other call participants, and the noise going from you to them.

Krisp works smoothly in real-time, so your calls are uninterrupted and completely noiseless.

7. PPC Ad Lab

What if you could see every ad on any keyword you choose, in any location hour by hour, day by day. See who’s advertising, how often, their ad copy, and even their contact information. All presented in beautiful reports you can white-label for your clients. Introducing PPC Ad Lab.

PPC Ad Lab is a tool that allows you to create and test different variations of your PPC ads before you launch them. This can be beneficial in a number of ways.

First, it allows you to see which version of your ad is most effective in terms of click-through rate and conversion rate.
Second, it helps you to avoid any potential mistakes that could cost you money.
Third, it can give you insights into how to improve your overall PPC campaign strategy.

Overall, PPC Ad Lab is a valuable tool that can help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns.

8. PPC Predict

PPC Predict is a tool that allows you to predict the cost per click (CPC) of a given keyword. CPC is the amount that you would pay for each click on an ad if you were to use that keyword. The tool uses data from Google AdWords to estimate CPC. You can use the CPC predictions to help you choose keywords for your campaign. The tool is free to use, and you can get started by entering a keyword into the search bar.

PPC Predict is a valuable tool for any agency that wants to get an idea of the potential cost of running a paid search campaign for their clients. The CPC predictions can help you determine which keywords are worth targeting, and how much you should be willing to pay for each click.

9. Review Grower

ReviewGrower is a review management tool that helps agencies with their clients’ reputation management. The tool allows agencies to track their clients’ online reviews and ratings across all major review sites. It also provides tools to generate more positive reviews and manage online reputation.

In addition, ReviewGrower offers a white label solution that allows agencies to brand the tool as their own. This gives agencies an additional way to build trust and credibility with their clients. As a result, ReviewGrower is an essential tool for any agency that wants to effectively manage its online reputation.

10. Wise

Wise is a money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges. As an agency, you need a money transfer service (a great tool for payroll) that’s both safe and cheap.

Money can be sent to more than 80 nations worldwide by savvy customers. Online and through the Wise app, payments can be made, and they are instantly put into the bank account of the recipient. This implies that, in contrast to certain providers, your recipient won’t have to open a Wise account in order to get their money.

Wise’s prices are much cheaper than the usual ways of international money transfer that banks prefer since it employs their own payment network. Customers benefit from these cost savings through reduced fees, and because Wise bypasses the typical middlemen involved with foreign transfers, your money may also arrive sooner.

The amount you wish to send or the final amount you want your receiver to receive can be entered to set up wise payments. You’ll fund the payment by transferring dollars to Wise’s US bank account, and Wise will transfer the equivalent amount in your recipient’s local currency from that bank account. Fast, inexpensive, and secure. You may always follow your money’s whereabouts online or in the Wise app, and all Wise services are governed by international regulatory agencies.

11. WP Engine

You can save time, money, and hassles when outsourcing time-consuming IT duties to experts when managing a business or project.

This is the underlying idea behind WP Engine, a managed WordPress host that increases speed and site security.

You’ll receive extra features that you won’t find with most hosting companies. This includes automated plugin upgrades and daily backups. WP Engine may handle a variety of other technical responsibilities for your website, giving you more time to concentrate on creating high-quality content and improving targeted marketing for your small business or freelancing project.

WP Engine has high-quality, managed hosting that offers excellent uptime, WordPress-oriented security, cloud platform flexibility, daily backups, and other terrific features. It has a few minor downsides, as well; for example, you need to go elsewhere for email accounts and domain names. Still, WP Engine has fantastic plans that make the web host an Editors’ Choice pick for WordPress hosting.

12. OneUp App

OneUp is a great app for scheduling LinkedIn posts. You can link your OneUp account to your LinkedIn account and then browse through OneUp’s library of content. When you find an article or piece of content that you want to share, you can schedule it to be posted at a later time. This is a great way to ensure that your LinkedIn profile stays active and up-to-date.

Plus, it frees up time so that you can focus on other things. If you’re looking for an app to help you manage your LinkedIn profile, definitely check out OneUp.

13. JookSMS

JookSMS is a new messaging service app that’s quickly gaining popularity. Jooksms offers a unique blend of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a new messaging app. Jooksms is extremely user-friendly and offers a wide range of features, including group chat, voice and video calls, multimedia sharing, and more. Jooksms is also available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

JookSMS is quickly becoming the go-to messaging app for many users because of its user-friendly interface and wide range of features. Whether you’re looking for a new messaging app for yourself or for your family and friends, Jooksms is definitely worth checking out.

JookSMS has been providing text messaging services to companies and businesses worldwide for over 6 years. With offices in the US, Costa Rica, and Panama over 1000 companies use Jooksms text messaging platform to improve communication with clients in a fast and reliable way.

14. ClickUp

A cloud-based project management and collaboration solution, ClickUp is appropriate for agencies of all sizes and sectors. Tools for collaboration and communication, task assignments and statuses, alarms, and a task toolbar are among the features.

Users can provide specific team members or groups of team members’ comments and tasks. Users can set custom statuses or mark comments and tasks as resolved or in progress. From an Agile dashboard, you can examine projects or sort them by the assignee. Tasks are shown in the activity stream as they are produced and finished in real-time.

Users can set up notifications to only be issued for particular things. Comments can be changed after they are posted, and the mentions function notifies users when another team member refers to them in a debate. Slack and other integrations include

15. is a marketing attribution program powered by AI aimed at multinational corporations. In order to run sophisticated marketing attribution models, it enables organizations to combine their marketing data., therefore, gives you the option to automate your data collection procedure, cutting down on the time needed for data processing. In the end, this platform can help you increase sales by enabling you to identify the areas where marketing investments yield the best returns. One cool feature of is it makes it possible to use Google Data Studio as a Facebook Ads reporting tool – they call it Facebook Data Studio. can also assist you in reducing your manual marketing efforts while still generating a significant return on investment. Additionally, it can help you manage and understand your customer data so that you can target them more efficiently in the future. By using, you will be able to save time and money while still reaping the benefits of an effective marketing strategy.