14 Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Store

From a time when promoting the business and keeping up with the market was just a matter of a decision between a postcard, a flyer or maybe a column of advertisement in the newspaper to the now where promoting a business is overwhelming with numerous options. 

However much you do, it still feels less.

Once you’re out in the market and running, it is, was and will be the time to drive more and more traffic to your business, be it your very first sale or the one for the ‘nth time.

Here’s a list of 18 Effective ways to promote your Online Store

1) Email Marketing

It is very important to stay connected with your existing customer and the prospects through email marketing

Though collecting the email addresses of your audience is not that easy and it does turn out to be a tedious one in terms of the time, tactics and patience that goes into the same.

Once these email contacts are collected, you need to bond with your customers through drip-fed campaigns using different systems like, Get Response, MailChimp etc.

2) Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing basically refers to getting people to talk about the product or services provided by you on web or social media in a way that people are aware and driven enough to knock your doors to make a sale with you.

Referral market is very similar to the “word of mouth” publicity and marketing that used to exist all over the place and still does

3) Pinterest

Pinterest now comes in with the option of buyable pins which can be enabled if your business runs on Shopify or Magento and meets the eligibility requirements.

Once these buyable pins are enabled with your Shopify account, all your product pins would include a buy icon.

4) Public Relations

Develop good public relations to promote your business well.

You can seek out local news organizations or groups of bloggers who might be interested in the type of work you do and might be willing to spare a story or maybe a mention for you.

There are two ways to go about it, either take a glance at the type of content they write and take a proposal in the similar type or else give their work a shout out on your social media or maybe share it and then maybe you could ask them to do the same for you too.

This can turn out to be a great way to promote your online business.

5) Traffic with YouTube

YouTube is one of the most used search engines to look for the right content along with the right traffic.

Product videos & unboxing are sought after & it makes a huge difference to invest in YouTube videos for your products.Here, you can create a brand channel for your business where you can promote and publicize your products with interesting videos and the apt content to pull-in the best.

6) Offer a Free Product or Service

It being a proven fact that it’s easier to procure customers through offering them something for free surely works better than most of the other options, (Who doesn’t like things for free), so why not make the most of it.

Make sure that once you get a customer, you have saved the details of the customer to get in touch with them in the future.

By giving the free offer and then gaining customers, it also turns out the customers have that feeling of owing you back by revisiting you. 

7) “About Us” Page

For smaller & medium sized stores, knowing who is behind the particular store is of particualr interest to users.

If a user checks out your ”About Us” page, he/she is clearly interested to take a chance with you, so it is important for you to make their experience worthwhile.

Here in this section, you need to clearly state out what you are, what you do and what you must bring out to the table as an offering/service for the clients.

You may also include the achievements of the company, some sassy testimonials or any other social proof of you doing the job right.

Also, mention your contact details properly with your Contact Email, telephone number, Address or your Location with the link to your social media channels.

(P.S: Do not use jargons or fancy stuff here as it needs to talk clearly and easily for your brand.) 

8) Facebook Marketing

If you as a brand are already not out there with your business page set up on Facebook, it is time to set one up as a part of your social media marketing.Facebook is a great platform to stay connected to the older clients and get in touch with the new ones.

Facebook also has Facebook Ads options where you flow the advertisements to promote your company and call out people to connect with you.

 9) Introduce your Business to Instagram

With the ever-increasing user base, Instagram has become a strong ground for the promotion of your business.


It helps to give your business a social and a visual presence where you can creatively put out the story, product and services that your business comes in with. 

10) Search Engine Optimization

Searches made are an opportunity to build a forecasted and compounding traffic on your website and a well strategized search involves multiple steps to be effective.

These steps could be to form a keyword strategy or maybe to optimize your web for its performance in various segments.

11) Blogging

Blogging is one of the trending ways to promote your business.

It has the caliber to attract the right audience that would suit you along with the creation of ecosystem and lifestyle around your products.

When done in an effective manner, blogging drives the search engine traffic along with the attention from the media and the “known-well” bloggers who could write the content for you

12) Influencer Marketing

13) Provide all Possible Payment Options

The most important segment of an online store is that step where the customers have to pay for the product.

Offering a wide variety of payment options would make sure that all your sales happen smoothly for both the parties and there’s no obstacle in the same due to the lack of payment options at least.

14) Proactive Customer Support

Your customer is always worried about one part which is that after they make a purchase with you, would they have the proper support for the same from your end or not.

By assuring a troubleshoot after purchase or a consultation before the same can prove to be very helpful for the same and also has the potential to turn the occasional customers into loyal ones.

Now that you have the list of things that can prove to do justice to your online store, make the most of it, make sure all those who knock on your doors don’t return bare handed coz’ now the ball is in your court, Just do it :)


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