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5 Recommended Content Optimization Tools in 2023

Your content is all written and wrapped up, but is it ready to be published? It’s probably not if you’ve forgotten to optimize it.

Remember, content without optimization is (to be a little culinarily poetic) food without salt. It’s not going to look good, it’s not going to be read nicely and it’s probably not going to help you achieve…whatever you had written it to achieve.

In this post, we are going to be looking at five content optimization tools that you can use in 2023 to increase and enhance the quality of your write-ups before finalizing them. There are a lot of content optimization tools available online, but you can get started with these ones.

1.   Grammar Checker

Checking the grammar of your write-up is one of the most necessary steps that you have to take after (and even during) the writing process. Grammar and spelling errors can stick out like a sore thumb, and they can easily be detected by a reader. And these types of errors are quick to diminish the quality of your content by making it look amateur.

By using a grammar checker, you can avoid this consequence easily. Grammar checkers are made to scan the content and detect grammatical/spelling errors in it. Most grammar-checking tools nowadays also provide the in-built option of instantly replacing the error with its correct suggestion.

The grammar checker by Prepostseo is a good tool that you can use for this purpose. It is free to use and it also does not require you to sign up. There are some paid plans available on the platform that you can buy to reduce the ads etc. But, as far as the grammar-checking tool goes, you can use it even without purchasing a paid plan.


  • Simple to use
  • Multiple formatting options
  • File uploads and downloads supported
  • Provides word count
  • Has a ‘Resolve All’ button for easily resolving all the errors and mistakes

2.   Check-Plagiarism

Finding and eliminating plagiarism from the write-up is also an important step in the optimization phase. Since plagiarism can harm the ‘SEO-potency’ of a piece of content (among other consequences), it has to be completely weeded out.

Eliminating plagiarism is somewhat easy. You can just reword the plagiarized parts or remove them altogether. The problem arises when you have to actually find it.

For this purpose, you can use Check-Plagiarism. The online plagiarism checker is made to spot any plagiarized sentences in the given text and highlight them in red. You can also find the exact sources from where the content is found to be matching. This can be helpful if you want to cite the sources.

Check-Plagiarism is free to use and it does not necessarily need an account. As a free user, you will be able to enter 2,000 words in a single attempt. This can be increased if you opt for the paid plan.


  • Free to use
  • Allows 2,000 words in a single go
  • Multiple languages supported
  • File uploads supported
  • Gives exact URLs for matched sources

3.   Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is a popular readability checker that you can use to determine how hard or easy your content is to read. When you enter your content into the provided space, the tool evaluates it in real-time. Then it points out the various readability issues in the content by highlighting them in different colors.

Some of the readability issues that Hemingway Editor points out include the following:

  • Passive voice sentences
  • Long sentences
  • Hard words
  • Adverbs

And so on.

There are plenty of formatting and styling options available in Hemingway. You can use them to write your content directly into the input space.

And like the others, this tool is also free to use and it does not require you to sign in. There is a desktop app, however, that comes with a $19.99 price.


  • Free to use
  • Real-time working
  • Gives a readability grade for easier understanding
  • In-built formatting and styling options

4.   Paraphrase Online

When it comes to content optimization, paraphrasing can be constructively used for a lot of purposes. It can help in eliminating accidental plagiarism, making the content more concise, and also adding more engagement to it. is an excellent AI-driven paraphrasing tool that you can use in 2023. It is free to use and it comes loaded with a whole bunch of useful features.

Among others, one excellent feature that you can enjoy with is the availability of multiple modes. You can choose from the four modes to adjust the style of the output. They all work differently and they can all be useful in their own respective circumstances.

As far as the quality of the results is concerned, Paraphraseonline performs remarkably well in most of the modes. The ‘Word Changer’ more does not give as smart results as the others…but that is for the simple reason that this mode only employs the synonymizing technique.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Multiple modes available
  • File uploads and downloads supported
  • Quick processing
  • Intelligent results

5.   Canva

Canva can be very helpful in content optimization because it lets you create graphics and images for your blog posts and articles. Adding the right visuals to your content is necessary to increase its engagement, and that is just what Canva can help you with.

Although a lot of features are locked behind a paywall, Canva can be used even by free users…on an indefinite basis. In other words, while you won’t be able to access certain features, you will be able to use the free version as long as you want.

Canva comes with a simple drag-and-drop interface and has a library consisting of thousands of icons, symbols, images, GIFs and logos etc.

You can also work with your own files and images, and you can download them back to your device when done.


  • Free to start
  • Hundreds of images, icons, symbols, etc. available in the library
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface
  • File downloads supported


Optimizing content is very easy nowadays. There are tools available for almost every step and process that you have to take care of when creating and optimizing your write-ups.

By using the tools mentioned above, you will be able to make your content more likable for your readers and more capable of boosting your site’s rank in the SERPs.