Grey Metrics

Product Features

Built for long form executive reports & dashboards that pack information on one screen

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Integrations from PPC Ads, Social Media, Analytics & Multiple marketing platforms

Ad Impressions

Report templates that display the right metrics on pre-defined report templates

Total Spend

Change colour, add your own logo & match your branding, make it your own

Simplified Facebook Ads Data

Professionally crafted Facebook Ads
dashboard to quickly visualize important
data such as Clicks, Impressions, Cost,
Revenue etc. A simplified dashboard view to
put you in the driver’s seat on your Ads performance.
Customise Your Dashboard
Using Facebook API, we get you all the marketing ads data to make it easy for
you to add, modify and move metrics
and widgets according to your need for your Facebook Ads dashboard.
Campaign Specific Data
Looking for data only from a specific campaign? Choose your campaign & the campaign metrics are automatically pulled on to your Facebook Ads dashboard.