Grey Metrics

Reporting Features You Need
Custom Google Analytics reports and website data in a beautiful pre-defined report template. Quickly deep dive into the Analytics metrics you care about and derive key insights.
Uncover Traffic Sources
Organic search, search ads, social media ?
Understand traffic insights and invest in the right
Track your Goals
Track revenue, downloads, clicks and
other goal metrics that you have defined.
Track and measure.
Device Usage Details
Do your users prefer to visit on mobile,
desktop or tablet? Understand
user preferences and plan your marketing.
Slice & Dice Traffic Data
Important metrics on web traffic data in
an easy to understand report. Take a deep
dive into various important traffic metrics
inside google analytics such as traffic sources,
time spent on site, top performing pages,
bounce rate & more.
Quickly identify Non-Performing Pages
High bounce rate, lower time spent on pages or high load time? Identify the non performing pages quickly and make necessary changes. Add or Remove widgets/metrics as you see fit. Share a report that reflects your work.
Share Custom Report with Clients
Share key Google analytics metrics and
valuable insights on the most important
aspects of your client’s business. Track
revenue, web traffic, bonce rate, average
time spent on site, traffic sources etc. Build
your custom Google analytics report in a few
clicks. Auto schedule reports and help your
client stay in the loop without a hassle.