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How To Get Hired As A Digital Marketer

With each passing day, the world is progressively jumping up the ladder of a digitized world where digital marketing as a career is keenly looked upon too.

Many of you must be wondering, why??

Growing in this digital world, you must have heard about the hype where people discuss how digital market is booming & the skills required can be acquired online. All of it is true.

The best part about this industry is it’s accelerating pace of change.

Every single day, new agencies, start-ups, SaaS are coming into being – changing the way business is done, changing those traditional paths of both the code of conduct and the careers paving way for such new career options to come to life.

Let me take a moment to break the myths for all you guys who are looking up to digital marketing as one of the career options.

Myth # 1 – You need to have experience in order to get hired

You may have seen employers slamming doors at candidates for lack of experience. While this is the case with most employers, the opposite is also true.

There are many entry level marketing jobs on the market.

Quiet a few crazy top-notch companies hire with very little experience.

Myth # 2 – Only a degree in this profession can make you a digital marketer. 

This is utter nonsense given the dynamic nature of marketing

Given the ever-changing landscape, marketing is learned with practice consistency, and persistence.

So, don’t let anyone turn down that offer just for that insufficient experience or lack of a proper degree. Keep at it.

Now, let’s focus on how you get hired as a digital marketer.

  1. Master A Skill Set

It’s extremely important for you to have your hands-on mastery on both hard skills and soft skills. 

Talking of that hard skills, you as a digital marketer should be able to put to use that limited data that is available to yourself as well as others by having an ability to demonstrate a return on the marketing investment made by the stakeholders because the better the Return on Investment is, the better is your chance of making real money.

In terms of soft skills, you need to have the power of influencing people through your creativity, innovation and collaborations.

  1. Stay Updated

Since this profession is no less than a wild ride sometimes or walking down the partially lit tunnels.

Given the dynamic shifts, it is very important for you to stay updated with all that news and those little tweaks and twitches made by the already existing players on their paid advertising platforms and algorithms which have an impact on your job

  1. Choose A Particular Discipline

Niche down & go deep should be your strategy in the early days

Digital Marketing is a plethora of items & you need to be aware of  thediscipline that entices you & which you believe you can be good at. 

There are numerous disciplines carrying their own unique paths which would require your in-depth knowledge about the same for you to choose from.

Some of the Digital Marketing careers paths are Content Marketing, Digital Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate optimization, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, etc.

  1. Educate Yourself With The Technicalities

With so many Digital Marketing certification courses available up on the internet, some of them free of cost, It’s time that you take those much needed lessons. 

These courses help you in dual major ways, firstly, you now know the basics and technicalities of the subject to be able to perform and secondly, you are getting a legitimate certificate that could add some extra and actual necessity to your professional profile.

  1. Start As A Freelancer

The single powerful advice on this blog is this. Nothing better than proof of results for your potential emploer. 

At this stage, it’s recommended to not seek out for a lot of money but actually sheer experience for your portfolio. 

Look out for some small businesses who usually don’t have an expert team for their digital marketing and help them grow and create their presence in the digital world.

After you’ve had some good experience under your belt, let them be placed in your portfolio to grab you some extra stars.

  1. Networking And Connections

Entering as a newbie, it’s very important to start creating a network and connections which have people who are better than you at the job. 

These people won’t be just a support network when you end up in a mess but also open up new doors of opportunities you might not have found any other ways.  

Also, try attending all those industry workshops and meets as they’ll help you mould your skill as per the industry requirements.

  1. Adapt Quickly To Changes

Digital Marketing as an industry is on a rollercoaster ride, you don’t really know how to be turned and flipped, so it’s better to adjust to these changes real quick. 

Adapting here refers to keeping up with both hard and soft skills.

Along with that, make sure you have the dictionary right, most of the time the new popping terms sound similar to the existing ones and you do not afford to go wrong with them at all.

  1. Crack That Interview And Put In The Work

Let’s assume that you’ve cracked the interview and finally landed your first job in Digital Marketing (which is a great possibility after going through the entire process right), make sure you get what you deserve in terms of both, the position and monetary sense.

Further to that, leverage all your previous experience and learnings and do the utmost justice to “your company.”

Digital Marketing has the potential to take you to an altogether next level in a very short period if done right.

So, make sure you learn and never put a barricade to your learning, and not just that, keep putting all that to practice too because now those ROIs are not just for the company but for your account too!