Grey Metrics

Custom Reporting Features
Custom SEO reports from Google Search Console to track Organic search impressions, clicks, backlinks, crawl errors and more. All the important SEO metrics on beautiful pre-defined report template. Get a holistic view of your brand’s SEO data on a beautiful report. Track crawl errors, search engine visibility, click through rate and metrics that matter.
Organic Clicks
Track the number of organic search results bringing clicks to your website.
Backlink Profile
Analyze the backlink profile of your brand & keep up with links
Track Positions
Track organic positions of your keywords on organic search.

Comprehensive SEO Report

All in one SEO report that accumulates data on Organic search traffic, keyword positions, backlinks, crawl errors, structured data and much more. Key metrics for a comprehensive SEO report.
Track Keywords, Search Volume
Track keywords that have the highest visibility on search engines & garnering highest volume of search queries. Helps brands focus on keywords that are brining in the most traffic & revenue
Create Custom SEO Report
Create a brand new SEO report or use our pre-defined template to report on your client’s SEO performance. A comprehensive report covering impressions, clicks, CTR, search queries, backlink profile, structure data and hundreds of other metrics to choose from. Build your custom SEO report in a few clicks & help your client stay in the loop on your SEO efforts.