Grey Metrics

Custom Reporting Features

Custom Twitter analytics reports with tweet performance data in a beautiful pre-defined
report template. A bird’s eye view of your key Twitter account metrics such as tweets,
retweets, followers, mentions, engagement rate etc in a beautiful report.

Tweet Impressions

Know exactly the number of people
your tweet has been shown to on
their timeline.
Track the number of mentions of your
brand & engage with audience for
better business results

Follower Growth

Keep an eye of Twitter follower growth
in a particular period of time & be
Twitter Analytics Reports
Track tweet organic reach, mentions, likes &
follower growth from Twitter report. Keep
a tab on twitter performance metrics with
pre-defined twitter analytics report.
Top Performing Tweets
Track and report the top performing
tweets in terms of likes, engagement &
retweets. Quickly understand the content
that is getting the most traction and
create more of such content.

Share Custom Twitter Report

Share a comprehensive Twitter report with
your client. Track tweets, retweets, link clicks,
likes, engagement, engagement % and much
more. Build your custom Twitter Analytics
report in a few clicks & help your client stay
in the loop.