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What Is A Marketing Dashboard? How Does It Help Marketers

Data is the bread and butter of digital marketing. Data is what tells a marketer where to go and what to do, and what not to do. But the thing is marketers have to deal with a huge, huge amount of data. The sheer volume of this data makes it a tough process to sort, prioritize, filter and […]

Google Analytics: Landing Page Path Vs Destination URL

Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool. Turns out it can be pretty baffling if you aren’t familiar with the inner workings. A lot of times Google Analytics uses terminologies that are either used by the people in an interchangeable manner due to lack of knowledge or are not clearly understood.  Let’s look at the case of a Landing […]

How To Create A Social Media Report? [9 Reusable Templates]

As a social media marketer, you’d have spent a lot of time on creating campaigns for your organization or for your client. Identifying your target audience, setting up goals, aligning the copy of your posts to your goals would be some key steps for you to start your campaigns. But, after all this hard work […]

8 SEO KPI’s To Track & Why It Is Important

If you’ve just entered the marketing space and time and again, you come across terms like SEO and KPI. It surely leaves you or must have left you in a state of being bamboozled when it comes to understanding it in depth Table Of Contents What is SEO What are KPI’s? Top SEO KPI’s to […]

What Is A Marketing Funnel? Step By Step Guide

A marketing funnel is a simple tool that helps convert leads into customers. As a business owner, you want to make sure that a high percentage of people who see your company, either online or offline, actually engage with your product and leave by making a purchase. However, the journey between seeing a product via an ad […]

What Is Facebook Custom Audience & Lookalike Audience

Business survives on the idea that there are more similar audience to your exisiting clientele & to whom your presence in the market can make a difference. Such businesses tend to expand their clients on board by implementing marketing strategies that target the right audience. Table Of Contents What is Custom Audience? How To Create Custom Audience? Customer List […]

Top 9 Social Media Metrics That Matter For Marketers

Social Media has become a daily routine in everyday life. Most of the people are physically and mentally dependent on one or the other platform. Statista research suggests that there was an estimation of 2.9 billion worldwide users on social media in 2019 and the number is expected to reach 3.43 billion by 2023. Facebook leads the chart […]

How Can Automation Improve Client Reporting For Your Agency

What Is Report Automation? Report automation is the process of scheduling a report (that somebody currently produces at some level of frequency) to automatically refresh and be delivered to specific places and people at a specific regular interval. Automated reports remove the need for someone to process the reports because it becomes systemized and automatic […]

What Are UTM Tags? Detailed Guide With 4 Best Practices

Simple step by step guide to understand & implement UTM tags for your business Table Of Contents What is a UTM Tag? How are UTM Tags used? How to add UTM tags on Google Ads How to add UTM tags on Facebook Ads Tools to create UTM tags (Free & Paid)  Tracking Analytics  Best Practices 1) What Is A […]