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How To Do Local SEO For Multiple Locations?

Even if you are someone who’s an absolute newbie to the concept and practice of internet marketing, you still would’ve heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  SEO is basically a blanket term used to describe any improvements you make to your website in order to attain a higher ranking on search engine results. A higher position […]

14 Effective Ways To Promote Your Online Store

From a time when promoting the business and keeping up with the market was just a matter of a decision between a postcard, a flyer or maybe a column of advertisement in the newspaper to the now where promoting a business is overwhelming with numerous options.  However much you do, it still feels less. Once […]

Google Analytics: Landing Page Path Vs Destination URL

Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool. Turns out it can be pretty baffling if you aren’t familiar with the inner workings. A lot of times Google Analytics uses terminologies that are either used by the people in an interchangeable manner due to lack of knowledge or are not clearly understood.  Let’s look at the case of a Landing […]

How To Get Reviews For Your Local Business [9 Step Guide]

If you had a business a decade or two ago, for promoting your business, all you needed was to deliver great services for people to sit and share their experience that they had with you. The deal was known as “Word of mouth” but coming back to present, the story remains the same, it’s just […]

What Is Structured Data? Steps To Verify If Your Site Got It Right

What Is Structured Data? What happens when giant internet search companies realize that crawling billions (a little exaggeration – may be a few hundred million) of websites to understand the context of content on every website will cost a bomb if it’s not neatly organized? They team up to create rules for websites to follow […]

19 Free SEO Tools – Not Well Known But Highly Effective

In the words of Jill Whalen, Good SEO work only gets better over time. Table Of Contents SEO tools investigate the potential of the web pages and further assist the website owners to rank higher and increase their visibility in the search engine results. Efffectively, they help in the optimization of the content on the web by […]

Outsourcing Content Marketing? 4 Top Content Writing Agencies

Today, almost every business or entrepreneurship service is required to have a strong brand image. Having well written content on all marketing campaigns serves this important step for branding. There are several agencies that custom write content for businesses Table Of Contents Is White Label Content Writing Right For You? Can Outsourcing Content Help Your Business?  Top 4 […]

How To Increase Conversions Of Your Sales Team? [12 Actionables]

In sales, it’s not about hard selling anymore, in fact it’s about building trust, educating & helping your customer succeed. It’s about approaching each customer with an idea to solve their problem rather than just thinking about selling your product or service. Table Of Contents For Your Team Be a Trusted Advisor First Contact  It’s Not About Making a […]

8 SEO KPI’s To Track & Why It Is Important

If you’ve just entered the marketing space and time and again, you come across terms like SEO and KPI. It surely leaves you or must have left you in a state of being bamboozled when it comes to understanding it in depth Table Of Contents What is SEO What are KPI’s? Top SEO KPI’s to […]

What Is A Marketing Funnel? Step By Step Guide

A marketing funnel is a simple tool that helps convert leads into customers. As a business owner, you want to make sure that a high percentage of people who see your company, either online or offline, actually engage with your product and leave by making a purchase. However, the journey between seeing a product via an ad […]