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43 Free Tools Every Startup Should Use In 2020

As a start-up, you are running thin on budgets. You don’t want to spend a lot of money but want to get started with the best tools out there. This post is a compilation of free tools that are useful for a start-up.  Software tools mentioned on this blog have a generous free tier (that most […]

9 Website Speed Optimizations To Boost Speed To 90+

Table Of Contents Factors Affecting Page Speed Slow Hosting Server  Hotlinking Poor Coding Standards But Why Website Speed Optimization? SEO Increase Sales  How to Identify What to Optimize? Website Speed Optimization Techniques Reduce Size of Images Browser Caching & Minimize HTML, CSS & JS Use a Content Distribution Network (CDN) Choose a Fast Hosting Network Reduce […]

7 Tools To Uncover Marketing Strategies Of Your Competition

What’s Competition Analysis? If you own a business, either offering products or services, online or offline, it is likely that you have a competitor. Staying at the top of the game requires a robust understanding of the market. A robust understanding entails knowing your customer, your product and your competitors. Competitor analysis is a strategy […]

What Are UTM Tags? Detailed Guide With 4 Best Practices

Simple step by step guide to understand & implement UTM tags for your business Table Of Contents What is a UTM Tag? How are UTM Tags used? How to add UTM tags on Google Ads How to add UTM tags on Facebook Ads Tools to create UTM tags (Free & Paid)  Tracking Analytics  Best Practices 1) What Is A […]

How To Do SEO For A New Website With 12 Free Tools

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long term strategy to get traffic to your website. Google uses 200+ factors to rank websites. In this guide, you will learn how to approach SEO for your brand new website. This 9 step guide is designed to cover major aspects of SEO. Table Of Contents You do NOT need to be a developer to execute […]

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Like A Pro In 2020

Ace Keyword Planner What is Keyword Planner? Ways to Use How to Find New Keywords Get Search Volumes Search by Device, Locations Pro Tip Analytics Dashboard What Is Keyword Planner? To know the number of searches made on Google for a particular search term.  Marketers rely on Google’s free tool, Keyword Planner to understand search volumes […]

How To Write A Killer Sales Follow-Up Email [17 Tips Included]

Write Follow-Up Emails That Get Responses Do not stop after sending 1-2 emails Include a call to action  Keep it Short and Simple Be Clear on What you Send Be Genuine Do Not Make it Salesy Keep it Human/Personal Use a Subject Line That Works  Personalise Your Emails Make Emails Conversational Don’t Annoy Them  Provide Value in […]

How To Disable Adblock Plus In Chrome [2020 Update]

Follow these simple steps to remove adblocker from your chrome browser Right click on extension Click “Remove from Chrome” Confirm Remove Check if removed In order to verify if the extension has been removed, click on 3 dots –> Extensions If adblocker isn’t showing up here, we have succesfully removed the extension

How To Optimise Google My Business Listing For Local SEO

Are you a business looking for different ways to increase your visibility in Google Search?  Then, you’ve got the perfect solution as Google My Business. For example, I searched for Burger and I see Local Search results above Organic results. People mostly tend to click on the top results before scrolling down. Question: Have you ever […]